Dreamers, Don't Give up on Your Dream to be a Home Owner

Dated: 06/24/2019

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If you're a DACA recipient you can qualify to buy a home ! I'll contact you today for a free concultation. You'll get answer to:

  • What documents do I need ?
  • FHA or Conventional loan ?
  • Where do I find a mortgage lender offering DACA home loans ?

"A lawful, non-permanent resident is eligible for a mortgage under the same terms available to U.S. citizens. People in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are legal, non-permanent residents of the U.S."

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  • Posted by Jesus Ruiz
    Give me a call 702-728-9040 Im interested in buying a house
  • Posted by Jesus Ruiz
    Im interested in buying a house 702-728-9040

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